Niu the highest finisher on another bunch sprint finish at the Tour of China part 2

A bunch sprint for stage 1 at the Tour of China 2 with Bi the highest finisher
September 17, 2019
Bieken rides to 24th place on day 3 at the Tour of China part 2 to move up to 24th on GC
September 21, 2019

After one-day of travelling the Tour of China part 2 started again today with a 127.8kilometre road race which concluded with a bunch sprint finish despite a breakaway animating the stage.

Mitchelton-BikeExhange’s highest finisher was Yikui Niu in 45th place after the team fought hard to try to get into the day’s main breakaway. Eventually five-riders were able to escape but only to be caught inside the final 200metres, as the teams lined things up for a sprint finish.

Mitchelton-BikeExchange riders did well to keep Niu and Nazhaerbieken Bieken safe throughout the day, and the team heads into tomorrow’s penultimate stage hoping to move up some places overall and make it into the days breakaway.

Andrew Smith (Sport Director):
“It was a good effort by Hao, Niu and Bieken trying to make the days break. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be since the speed was high and many teams had the same idea. 

“Eventually a group of five-riders got away and were caught in the final 200metres. Generally it was a good team effort today, the guys stuck together and kept Bieken and Liu safe and all the Mitchelton-BikeExchange riders finished safely in the peloton.”

Tour of China 2: Stage 2 Results:
1. Marco Benfatto (ANS) 2:43:57
2. Andrea Guardini (BRD) ST
3. Youcef Reguigui (TSG) ST
45. Yikui Niu (Mitchelton-BikeExchange) ST
46. Nazhaerbieken Bieken (Mitchelton-BikeExchange) ST