Mitchelton-BikeExchange off to a solid start at the Tour de Korea

Mitchelton-BikeExchange to make their first appearance in South Korea
June 11, 2019
Bi Wenhui goes in the break, before Niu Yikui takes 10th on stage Tour in Korea
June 13, 2019

Stage one of the Tour de Korea began today with a fast and furious 63km circuit race were Mitchelton-BikeExchange kept themselves out of trouble to finish the stage safely in the main bunch, which concluded in a mass bunch sprint. 

New Zealander James Oram was the highest finisher for the squad in 25th place in their first appearance in South Korea.

With a high pace set, no breakaways were given any freedom and the tension picked up in the final, with a crash causing chaos in the final 10kilometres, were half of the team were held up behind the fall.

James Oram

“I just watched the aerial footage of the race, and I can see why we did the circuit, a really nice lake and area in the middle of Gusan. I was fortunate enough to stay out of trouble, and tested the legs with a couple of attacks during the race, so it was a good day personally. 

“The first stage of a race is always going to be crazy, especially if it’s as short as today was, as it’s not hard enough to separate the riders enough. 

“All the boys stayed upright and finished safely, which is always the main objective. Today should have opened us all up well to have us ready for stage two. 

“It will most likely be another sprint stage, but we must look for the breakaway, as time bonuses will be key to the general classification. And with only six-man teams, there is a better chance of the break staying away.”

Andrew Smith – Sport Director

“Two of our riders were held up by late crashes but fortunately they stayed upright. The circuit was a sketchy 6.3km with never ending speed bumps.

“Mission accomplished in terms of all getting through the stage safely and in front.”

Tour de Korea – Stage 1 Results:

1. Raymond Kreder (Team Ukyo) 1:25.56

2. Youcef Reguigui (Terengganu Cycling Team) ST

3. Edwin Avail (Isreal Cycling Academy) ST

25. James Oram (Mitchelton-BikeExchange) ST

General Classification after stage 1:

1. Raymond Kreder (Team Ukyo) 1:25:45

2. Youcef Reguigui (Terengganu Cycling Team) +0:01

3. Edwin Avail (Isreal Cycling Academy) +0:02

25. James Oram (Mitchelton-BikeExchange) +0:11




由于比赛距离超短,而各支参赛车队的实力又较为平均,致使本赛段的行进节奏极快,车手们在反复不断的拉扯中仅用了1小时20分稍多的时间就完成了全部10圈的赛程。尽管赛道上有多个急弯和减速带,比赛的平均时速还是超过了46km/h。终点前不远处主集团在争抢弯道时发生摔车,绿刃中国发展车队的新西兰车手詹姆斯·奥拉姆和中国国家冠军牛益逵得以在摔车位置之前随主集团完赛,另外两名车手刘建坤和毕文辉则受到摔车影响落后于主集团,但两人都没有在摔车中受伤。最终,来自日本右京车队(Team UKYO)的荷兰冲刺手雷蒙德·克雷德(Raymond Kreder)夺得赛段冠军,小绿刃车队排名最高的奥拉姆以第25名完赛。