Mitchelton-BikeExchange stay safe as break claims stage three of the Tour of Fuzhou

Niu grabs a top-20 as sprinters take stage two of the Tour of Fuzhou
November 18, 2019
Liu, Oram and Chaves make the split on stage four of the Tour of Fuzhou
November 20, 2019

The breakaway gave the peloton the slip on stage three of the Tour of Fuzhou as a strong group four stayed away to contest the victory in Qinjiang Manchu.

The wind had threatened to split the bunch during the 113km stage, but no team could make an attack stick. Meanwhile the escapees continued to work well together out front and their chances of staying clear increased.

In the end Ivar Slik (MTA) proved to be the strongest of those in the break and took the win, while Mitchetlon-BikeExchange rolled home safely in the bunch as attention now turns to tomorrow’s tricky stage four.

James Oram:
“It was almost the same story today as yesterday, although the break was too strong and stayed away in to the run in to the finish. The boys rode well enough to stay in the front group all day. Just a few hairy moments when the group looked like it was going to split!”

“Player of the day goes to Hao Ran. For his first year as a pro, and his first year riding in real races, he’s really progressing well. And has been vital to keeping the lads safe so far this week. And only a few seconds off Liu and I on GC!”

James Victor (Sports Director):
“I discussed with our riders about the windy days and how they can be hard like the climbing days. They have worked together very well to protect Jiankun Liu and the Chinese Teams classification in stages two and three, but they know the hard work is still coming!

It’s an interesting finish tomorrow with a climb before finish. James Oram and Brayan Chaves are organizing the team very well to be ready for the important sectors of the stages.”

Tour of Fuzhou Stage 3:
1. Ivar Slik (MTA) 2:37:17
2. Kirill Sveshnikov (Russia) +0:02
3. Charles Page (DHB) +0:10
57. Brayan Chaves (Mitchelton-BikeExchange) +0:22

Tour of Fuzhou GC:
1. Ilya Davidenok (XDS) 7:55:29
2. Artur Fedosseyev (XDS) +0:04
3. Xianjing Lyu (HEN) +0:51
18. Jiankun Liu (Mitchelton-BikeExchange) +2:12