Mitchelton-BikeExchange claim best Chinese team tile at the Tour of Fuzhou

Ran Hao climbs to 14th on stage six of the Tour of Fuzhou
November 22, 2019

Mitchelton-BikeExchange wrapped up the best Chinese team classification as the final stage of the Tour of Fuzhou culminated in a bunch sprint.

Kiwi James Oram made it into the break of the day, but the sprint teams weren’t willing to pass up a chance for a stage win, with Alexei Shnyrko (NLC) taking the win while Yikui Niu grabbed 14th.

A consistent team performance throughout the seven days was rewarded with the best Chinese team title, as well runner-up in the overall team’s classification. Strong rides from Jiankun Liu and Ran Hao also saw them finish second and third in the best Chinese rider classification.

James Victor (Sports Director):
“It’s a great finish to the season. The team achieved all the objectives we set before the start. For Liu and Hao to finish second and third in the Chinese rider classification was great work for consistency over the seven days.”

“The Teams Classification podiums highlights the efforts of all of the team and staying with our plan all week. It’s been a long season since the Tour de Langkawi but a great finish to the year here in Fuzhou.”

Tour of Fuzhou Stage 7:
1. Alexei Shnyrko (NLC) 2:30:53
2. Lev Gonov (RUS) ST
3. Chien-liang Chen (MPC) ST
14. Yikui Niu (Mitchelton-BikeExchange) ST

Tour of Fuzhou GC:
1. Artur Fedosseyev (XDS) +18:59:34
2. Ilya Davidenok (XDS) +0:04
3. Carlos Quintero (NLC) +0:45
16. James Oram (Mitchelton-BikeExchange) +2:52